Three Tech Trends Helping #DriverlessCars | Automobile Magazine

Tierr@_de_N@die: Among these three tech trends ("Teaching AVs the Rules of the Road", "Remote Possibilities" and "Watch Me Now") there is one that should concern us specially, the third one. Will this technology only deployed to aide the driver or it will also survey and record the driver's behavior in order to determine, in the case of an incident in a SAE level 3 car, the driver's responsibility face the company?

#Autonomousvehicles (AVs) are like newbie drivers, except with better-developed brains and billions of dollars in tech to help shorten the learning curve. But even with all their #sensors and #software, AVs still have flaws to overcome before they drive with complete confidence and competence.

Source ( Three Tech Trends Helping Driverless Cars | Automobile Magazine