Road makers turn to recycled #plastic for tougher surfaces – #Recycling

Tierr@_de_N@die: Why not trying to reuse the old plastics to build road and  tracks in the cities? Bitumen and plastic are both polymers and we can blend them without loosing wear and tear properties and making important cost-savings. Furthermore, these plastic modules allow easily integrate sensors to transform the road in smart objects. 

There is a connection. Just as plastic is derived from petrochemicals, bitumen is produced as a by-product of refining oil. Both are polymers, which consist of long strands of molecules bound together firmly. It is this characteristic that makes plastic strong and contributes to its great longevity. Such features are also useful for road builders, who use hot bitumen to bind together aggregates made from broken rocks and stones, into what is commonly known as asphalt. All of which has got some people thinking: why not swap one polymer with another?

Source ( Road makers turn to recycled #plastic for tougher surfaces – #Recycling