Bullard: Dispelling the #Myths of China’s #EV Market | Bloomberg NEF

Tierr@_de_N@die: Some amazing figures concerning China's EV market to show how this market could also exploit in Europe in a very short time. 

China is at least half of everything, if not far more, in three key areas: It represents 76 percent of all commissioned lithium-ion battery manufacturing capacity; logged 60 percent of global EV sales in fourth-quarter 2018; and held 50 percent of global public vehicle-charging infrastructure as of the end of 2018.That helps explain just how large China is as an electric vehicle market, but a number of myths and misconceptions still drive much of the perception of the country’s role in electric transportation.

Source (about.bnef.com): Bullard: Dispelling the Myths of China’s EV Market | Bloomberg NEF