Blockchain pilot project provides transparency on CO2 emissions

Tierr@_de_N@die: Transparency is the key... and blockchain technology provides an amazing tool to guarantee it in termes of suppliers. CO2, working conditions, compliance,... Plenty of client requirements can be traced and recorded thanks to blockchain.

The project partners first focus on cobalt, which enters the supply chain from recycling facilities. A blockchain-based system maps the production flow of the materials as well as the associated CO2 emissions. In the long term, Mercedes-Benz is pursuing the goal of a circular economy and is working to close material cycles. For this purpose, the mapping of the material flow also records the amount of recycled material in the supply chain. Furthermore, the network also displays whether Daimler’s sustainability requirements in terms of working conditions, human rights, environmental protection, safety, business ethics and compliance are passed on to all companies involved. Daimler calls on its direct suppliers to comply with these standards and requirements and also carry the provisions into upstream value chains and to monitor their compliance. With the pilot project, Mercedes-Benz is driving transparency in the supply chain beyond the direct contractual partners.

Source ( Mercedes-Benz Cars drives «Ambition2039» in the supply chain: blockchain pilot project provides transparency on CO2 emissions – Daimler Global Media Site