Open Motors | Modular EV for MaaS & Logistic, Battery Swap

Tierr@_de_N@die: A 100% modular electric platform proposing all levels of self-driving and focused on meeting the needs of fleets, for goods as well as people. More specifically, in lowering the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) to unimaginable limits. If you also do all this on an "OpenSource" platform, then you will begin to understand what the "Open Motors" project means.

“I remember a situation in which I had Nokia employees – I had taken over a few hundred – explain to me how they went down in the fight against Apple. The logic was: “We have 43 different mobile phones, the right one for everyone, nobody wants touch, you have to charge the iPhone at least once a day, while our battery lasts for a week“. And: Nokia had record years, but was practically already dead.

Steve Jobs, on the other hand, had understood that the function of the device was fundamentally different. Access to the Internet became more important than the phone itself. And loading time was no longer so critical for customers. A few years later, Nokia was history.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is precisely the situation that is being repeated in the automotive industry. The car is no longer just a means of transport. And that also means that the era of classic car manufacturers is over” – January 2020

Herbert Diess CEO, Volkswagen Group

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