Port of Rotterdam testing blockchain and AI for renewables trading

10 octubre, 2020 Marie Huillet 0

Tierr@_de_N@die: Combining blockchain technologies with AI, Rotterdam port has shown during two months how to optimize power consumption of green and cheap energy Each market participant is allocated an AI energy-trading agent that learns their behavior, choices and needs and provides them with energy at the optimal price. Buyers and […]

Blockchain pilot project provides transparency on CO2 emissions

18 febrero, 2020 Sofia Stauber 0

Tierr@_de_N@die: Transparency is the key… and blockchain technology provides an amazing tool to guarantee it in termes of suppliers. CO2, working conditions, compliance,… Plenty of client requirements can be traced and recorded thanks to blockchain. The project partners first focus on cobalt, which enters the supply chain from recycling facilities. […]