#PAVE: Partners for Automated Vehicles Education

30 enero, 2019 Author on Source 0

PAVE is a coalition of industry, nonprofit and academic institutions with one goal: To inform and educate the public and policymakers on the facts regarding driverless vehicles so that they can fully participate in shaping the future of our roads and highways. Source (pavecampaign.org): #PAVE: Partners for Automated Vehicles Education

Early Rider Program – Waymo

19 marzo, 2018 Waymo 0

Tierr@_de_N@die: «Early Rider Program» was born to get a feed-back of real life situations with autonomous cars. Through this program, the google company (Waymo) specialized in self-driving cars is collecting the experiences of these «pioneers» who use this kind of cars in theirs regular life. How it works: As an […]

Mission Statement | 2025AD – The Automated Driving Community

24 enero, 2018 2025AD 0

Tierr@_de_N@die: 2025AD: A good place to know all concerning this amazing technology that soonner than later will be all arround us «I believe in the horse! The automobile is only a temporary phenomenon.» Every revolution begins with a great deal of skepticism. It was the last German Emperor Wilhelm II who […]